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Why Not You?

Trust God's plan.

Sometimes I wonder how Noah felt, cramming his family onto a luxury animal cruise (Gen. 6:13)? 

Did Abraham ever regret moving from Ur to Canaan (Gen. 12: 1-4)? 

Did Joseph question his forced relocation into slavery (Gen. 37:12-28)? 

I wonder if Moses ever thought that moving his family and his people to the Promised Land was a mistake.

I'm sure at times all of them suffered a twinge of doubt, but overall, in the end, it made sense. 

Why?  Because God called all of them to these places.

Hebrews 11 summarizes the stories of people who were asked to do things by God, but none of the tasks made sense at the time.  They acted in faith.  The kind of faith that does, but never sees.

If God called you to do something that seems foreign, he already knows all the parameters, all the possibilities, all the problems that could occur. He's considered what will happen to you and your spouse, how it will affect your kids, and what it will mean to the people you serve.

He took care of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and their families as they moved out into foreign assignments.

Why not you?

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