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Thinking again...

What it takes to believe in you own success.

Thinking again…

The wealthiest people in the world are usually not intellectuals or academic experts. 

I'm not saying that they aren't intelligent but that their financial success is not attributed to their educations. 

Computer entrepreneurs Bill Gates, and Steven Jobs are examples of successful people who didn't do well under a traditional educational experience. 

Although they both dropped out of college, they somehow had a certain attitude that caused them to be convinced that they had valuable ideas to develop. 

They discovered purpose and passion,  they believed in their ideas, and they inspired other people who believed in them, too. 

Eventually, hundreds of thousands of people bought their products—and still do

Just think if we could take the same mind set and initiative about our product (God), and promote him; how many people we could reach for him. 

It doesn't matter: education, intelligence or brilliance.  All it takes is for someone to just believe in the product… 

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