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God Is Not The Source Of Fear

God is not the source of fear of any kind.


Paul reminds Timothy that God is not the source of fear of any kind, including the fear that comes from feelings of timidity or inadequacy: "God has not given us a spirit of fear" (2 Tim. 1:7) The particular Greek word for fear used here is deilia, a word always used in a bad sense for "cowardice" or "timidity."  And why do we so often have feelings like these?  Because we don't think we have what it will take to confront and handle life's soul-stretching problems we feel inadequate to cope.

The word "spirit" as it's used in verse 7 means 'a pervading mood, attitude, and mode of thinking." 

In other words the spirit of fear cripples us with caution and reserve. 

It limits what we are willing to attempt; to only those things we are sure we can do in our own strength.  We get all wrapped up in ourselves which is usually a very small package!!

The spirit of fear manifests itself as panic over criticism; and an unhealthy concern over what others think.

Fearing failure, we attempt very little.  The spirit of fear can also spread to groups, and even take over a church.

Paul makes it clear to Timothy that this kind of fear does not come from God.  It is brought on by feelings of inadequacy and a lack of faith in Him.  If we turn that fear over to the Lord, and let him heal it, we are released to attempt the great things He wants us to do.

God gives us "power, love, and sound mind' (v.7).  A sound mind precedes the ability to love, and the commitment to love leads us to task for spiritual power.

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