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Is God willing to use anyone to change the world?

I'm sharing the answer I was given. It blessed me, so I thought I would share.

I was asked this question, and after thinking and praying about it, this is the answer that was given to me. It blessed me, so I thought I would share it.

Question: Is God willing to use anyone to change the world?  Even people who've lived ungodly lives?

My Answer: I hope so.  If God chose only righteous people to change the world, you could count them all with one finger—JESUS---.  Instead, he included others in his plans; the sinners, the ungodly, the imperfect, the fearful, the prideful, the truth twisters. There's a lot more of us to choose from.

People like:

  • Abraham - liar
  • Jacob - deceiver
  • David - adulterer, murderer
  • Solomon - worldly, adulterer
  • Elijah - pouting prophet
  • Gomer and Rahab - prostitutes
  • Matthew - tax collector
  • Peter - denier with anger issues

The reassuring lesson is clear.  God used (and uses) people to change the world, People!  Not saints or superhumans or geniuses but people.  Crooks, creeps, lovers, and liars-he uses them all.  And what they lack in perfection, God makes up for in love.

If you ever wonder how God can use you to make a difference in your world, just look at those he has already used, and take heart.  No matter who you are or what you've done, God can use you.

Because you're imperfect, you can speak of making mistakes.  Because you're a sinner, you can speak of forgiveness.  God restores the broken and the brittle, then parades them before the world as trophies of his love and strength.  The world sees the ungodly turn godly, and they know God must love them too.

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